About Us

Lifestyle Fitness is a unique organization offering customized one on one fitness and nutrition programs to individuals looking to improve their overall health and general lifestyle. Our program which includes high intensity strength training, targeting muscular strength and endurance.Our nutrition counseling can achieve better results when incorporating the two together.

Our Mission is focused on results: to educate, motivate and direct our clients to obtain optimal health and well-being through a lifetime of balanced fitness and nutrition. We work as a team with positive focused energy to transform desired goals into reality.

We want you to know about the benefits of being a Lifestyle Fitness client. We begin with a free Health Assessment and Trial Workout. Before your workout begins your Lifestyle Fitness personal trainer will evaluate your medical history and fitness goals and health needs. You will warm up using cardio equipment and then move to a 30 minute strength training workout assessing your fitness capabilities as well as your limitations. The nutritionist will conduct a body fat analysis using a Tanita scale and weekly food logs. You will be guided and coached through our Lifestyle Fitness specific training protocol and gain knowledge on how our equipment along with a personal trainer and nutritionist can give you maximum results in a time efficient and safe environment.

We are dedicated to reach beyond the expectations of all the lives we touch giving them physical and personal fulfillment. 

Stretching a la Carte

These are either extended times dedicated to enhanced stretching techniques and added to the end of your strength training sessions, or used alone as a dedicated session just for stretching. Your personal fitness trainer will assist you in reaching maximum stretching effectiveness by incorporating static stretching and PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretches after an appropriate stretching warm-up. Stretching can add 10% – 20% to overall strength gain. Stretching can lessen muscle soreness, help to lower blood pressure, improve flexibility and balance and improve the quality of your sleep.

Special Health

These are individualized programs designed for those with special needs and those in need of special treatment. This program is for clients with limitation, ailments, injuries, and/or diseases. Clients with high blood pressure, CVD, Multiple Sclerosis etc. need a special program designed to work with these types of limitations. This program is also for clients who may be pregnant or post partum, with concerns about hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, scoliosis or various orthopedic conditions. We help you work in accordance with your doctor’s recommendations and consent.

Student Fitness

Our same Body PRO and Body BASIC packages are available for Students at a special rate! Get ready for sports by building muscle mass. Increase your endurance, lose weight, increase confidence, and get in shape to insure your best performance in your sport and in life. Better fitness can also add to better performance in school!

Senior Fitness

This program allows our Certified Personal Fitness Trainers and Nutritionists to introduce a customized and well-rounded strength training and cardio exercise program, coupled with proper nutrition for older adults who either may never have been exposed to a fitness program, or have been on relax time for many years. Increase your bone density, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, reduce the onset of osteoporosis, improve your balance and stability, generally improve mobility and enhance your lifestyle. Special attention is paid to realistic fitness goal setting, appropriate teaching skills, safety, effectiveness and time.